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Is the Astra Private Air Jet Card program right for me?

The Astra Private Air Jet Card program is for the large segment of the private aviation market whose security, flexibility and reliability needs require an alternative to chartering but who are not ready to make the full ownership financial commitment and/or whose flying requirements are less than 50 hours a year.

The Astra Private Air Jet Card program provides clients with 20-hours of occupied flight time for a single comprehensive payment with no further obligation.

Astra Private Air Pty Ltd, a member of the Astra Group* which has over 100 years of limousine experience in Australia, was established in June 2007 as the first and only Australian jet card program of its kind providing clients access to Private Air Pty Ltd’s Fleet of Modern Business Jets without having to enter into a long-term ownership program. In the Astra Private Air Jet Card program Private Air operates the flights under the approved CASA Air Operators Certificate.

How does the Astra Private Air Jet Card Program compare to other Jet Charter options?
The Astra Private Air Jet Card is the only program backed by Private Air’s fleet of aircraft and their maintenance standards and pilots. Astra Private Air provides you with guaranteed availability to fly to your nominated destination within 4 hours of nomination 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Astra Private Air cardholders request and receive the exact type of aircraft they desire, or they are given a complimentary upgrade. Other Charter programs work with a wide range of aircraft providers and cannot guarantee consistent aircraft, pilot and maintenance standards because they do not control or own the assets.

Which Astra Private Air Jet aircraft is right for me?
Astra Private Air Jet offers a selection of light and mid-size large cabin aircraft to fill most jet transportation needs. Astra Private Air’s sales executives will work with you to help determine which aircraft type(s) best fit your travel profile.

What does it mean to exchange to a different aircraft?
Based upon travel itinerary requirements, Astra Private Air Jet Card holders can elect to exchange, i.e. substitute, their contracted aircraft for a larger or smaller aircraft operated by Private Air (subject to availability). Established Astra Private Air’s exchange ratios calculate the occupied flight hours used for any exchange.

What does "occupied flight time" mean?
Occupied flight time is the actual flight time when passengers are on board plus an additional six minutes each for takeoff and landing. Waiting time, ground delays and standard aircraft positioning are not charged in the Astra Private Air Jet Card program.

In the Astra Private Air Jet Card program will I sometimes have to share flights with other owners?
No. You have exclusive use of your aircraft when you travel.

Will I always fly on the specific aircraft type as per my service agreement?
When you call for your plane, as nominated by your service agreement either your aircraft, or another aircraft of the same type, or a larger aircraft (a complimentary upgrade) will be provided.

What if all aircraft in the fleet type as per my service agreement are in use when I want to travel?
Astra Private Air guarantees your aircraft type or better. There may, however, be occasional instances when an aircraft from the Astra Private Air program will not be available at the specific time you request. In those cases, Astra Private Air will substitute another aircraft from approved vendors that have been carefully audited by Private Air.

How can Astra Private Air guarantee aircraft availability?
The Astra Private Air Jet Card program is the only Jet Card program available in Australia backed by assets. Because we have a contracted interest in the aircraft we sub-lease to our Card Owners and because you can exchange within the entire Private Air fleet, our cardholders have unequaled access to 6 aircraft. In addition, the use of the most sophisticated, proprietary software management and scheduling system allows for smooth and efficient movement of private aircraft throughout the Australia, South East Asia and the world.

What is Astra Private Air’s commitment to safety?
Astra Private Air’s primary focus is safety. As a Jet Card Owner, you will always fly in an aircraft dispatched and operated by Private Air under the CASA Air operators certificate ( Independantly Audited). Private Air’s unparalleled commitment to pilot and crew training, owner services, scheduling and dispatch, maintenance and security is unmatched in the Region.

How many airports can I access with my Astra Private Air Jet Card?
Private aviation gives you access to far more airports than commercial aviation.

Can I fly to and within South East Asia with my Astra Private Air Jet Card?
Yes. You can fly virtually anywhere depending on the aircraft type you acquire.

How do I make reservations? How far in advance must I make them?
All reservations are booked through Astra Group’s Jet Card Owner Services number 1300 650 532, available 24 hours per day, and 365 days a year. You can call for your aircraft 24 hours per day, 365 days a year on as little as 4 hours notice (144 hours notice required for nominated "peak period days").

Who can fly on my aircraft?
Anyone you designate can travel on your aircraft, even without your presence on the flight.

What costs are associated with Astra Private Air Jet Card ownership?
The Astra Private Air Jet Card is available for a single, upfront comprehensive fee covering the acquisition cost of the aircraft, fixed and variable costs for 20 hours of occupied flight time.Astra Private Air Jet Card owners pay a fuel variable as applicable and additional fees may be applied when travelling outside Australia.

How do I own my interest in an aircraft?
Astra Private Air Jet Card Owners acquire an interest in a pre-paid sub-lease of a specific aircraft, which is exchangeable with the entire Private Air fleet.

What's the smallest Astra Private Air Jet Card interest that I can purchase?
You can purchase as little as 20 hours of occupied flight time per year.

Is my Astra Private Jet Card transferable?
No, the card is not transferable. However, Astra Private Air Jet Card clients can designate family, friends, business associates or anyone else to travel on your aircraft, even without your presence on the flight.

Who pays for maintenance and repairs on my aircraft?
The comprehensive fee for the Astra Private Jet Card covers the cost of all maintenance and repairs. Certified professionals from the specific engine and aviation manufacturers maintain Private Air’s aircraft to Private Air’s and the CASA demanding standards.

Is insurance included?
Yes, at no additional cost. Combined personal and property liability coverage in the amount of $20,000,000 for light and midsize cabin aircraft and $100,000,000 for large cabin aircraft is in effect per singular occurrence.You can exchange up or down to any other aircraft type in the Private Air fleet as your needs change.

How do I get more information about the Program?
Contact Astra Private Air at 1300 650 532 or call direct John Morgan 0414 500961.

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