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Astra Private Air card

The Astra Private Air Card program provides guaranteed access to Private Air’s modern Jet Fleet with one simple payment for 20-hours of flight time. Although there is no directly competitive program, there are many different private aviation companies with widely varying products, services and pricing. It is vital that you know the right things to look for and the right questions to ask to make apples-to-apples comparisons between the programs. As with most industries, low-cost alternatives are plentiful and they usually deliver a product that falls short of expectations on many levels.

The Astra Private Air Difference

At Astra Private Air, we believe our interests and those of our Jet Card Owners are perfectly aligned. We charge the same price per hour no matter where you are flying within the area defined in your service agreement. Astra Private Air does not charge any dead head fees, positioning fees, crew fees, landing fees, catering fees (within reason), air phone charges or any other unexpected charges. Astra Private Air also arranges year-round availability, 24x7.

The Astra Private Air Jet Card program is for discerning travellers who value the best in private aviation and above all else, safety. Private Air has a singular focus on safety and a commitment to offering the best service in private aviation in Australia and South East Asia.

Ask the Right Questions

The key is to ask the right questions to protect yourself and to ensure that you are getting what you expect. You need to look at the entire picture and know exactly what you are receiving and the additional costs related to what you are receiving.

Cost Cutting Measures

All too often, the aircraft for a low-cost trip is older, or much older, than a Private Air aircraft (average age of less than 7 years). The pilots may not have the experience or training you would want or expect. The aircraft is most likely not being serviced by the manufacturer under the manufacturer's warranty. In many cases, the company providing your jet does not own the jet. There also are few operators that maintain a comparable level of liability insurance to the $20-$100 million in insurance that Private Air does. There are only so many ways to cut costs in private aviation, and these are some of the likely areas.

Fine Print and Extra Charges

The "price shopper" is often subjected to fine print and extra charges that they never expected. An example is a "dead head fee", which is in essence an extra charge for the operator to fly the jet back to its home base empty and in many cases doubles the fee you are told is the hourly rate. Many "bargain alternatives" will also charge you for repositioning the jet, landing fees, catering, use of air phone, paying for the crew to stay in a hotel overnight and many other extras that turn a low-priced trip into an average or expensively priced trip. Blackout periods are also common from lesser programs without the ability to arrange aircraft availability during peak seasons.

The Astra Private Air Jet Card

The wide variety of Astra Private Air Jet Card solutions cater to a broad range of requirements and desires. The Astra Private Air Jet Card provides access to your choice of 2 different Astra Private Air aircraft types.
Astra Private Air Jet Card pricing begins at $100,000 plus GST for 20 hours on Private Air’s Beechjet 400A fleet. To find out if the Astra Private Air Jet Card program is right for you, please contact us at 1300 650 532 to arrange an obligation free discussion of your needs.

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